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FitLife Brands delivers superior quality for superior results in everything we make.

For our supplements, we use only the purest, highest-quality ingredients to promote professional-caliber nutrition and extraordinary benefits for everyone from weekend warriors to body-building experts to extreme-fitness competitors.

Available internationally, our products are manufactured in facilities that comply with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations. Incoming raw materials used in our products undergo identity and microbial testing, and all outgoing finished goods are tested for microbial and heavy metals.

Where You Can Find Us

In order to reach FitLife Brands’ wide range of consumers, our products are sold exclusively through GNC franchise locations around the world.

Truth in Labeling

Knowledge is power. Because everything we do at FitLife Brands is geared towards empowering our customers, we lead the supplement industry with our truth-in-labeling initiative. The information on our labels far exceeds industry standards, helping consumers better understand what goes into our products and into their bodies. We make it easy to see exactly what types, and what levels, of each ingredient are in the supplements we offer.