Author: Craig Stevenson
article-top-5 exercises

As January comes to an end, we want to back you on all of your 2018 resolutions. It’s not easy stepping up your game to get in the best shape of your life, but at iSatori, we’re here to help with our top five tips for success: 5) Write your goals down. Set a weekly […]

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Your muscles are made of two different types of fibers. Find out what they are, what your personal fiber make-up is, and how to train for maximum results Knowing your personal muscle fiber make-up can be an invaluable aid when it comes to properly targeting your training program. If you’re working your muscles in the […]

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cannonball shoulders-featured

A question and answer roundtable on how to overcome obstacles to build powerful, thick and balanced shoulders. Let’s get started. Q: My shoulders are definitely my hardest muscle group to work, and noticeable gains have been minimal. I may have even injured my right rotator cuff sometime in the last few years—at least I think so […]

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