Author: Michael Lee: ISSA CSCS, Musclemania Muscle Model World Champ
6 tips to getting a six-pack article

Getting six pack abs is one of the most common fitness goals these days.  Many surveys have ranked six pack abs as the most attractive part of both the male and female body. Now why does it seem so hard to get a six-pack? Most people are using the wrong techniques and not receiving the […]

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So you want to build big arms do you? That’s a great goal to have. Having a big pair of arms (biceps and triceps) not only display your level of muscularity and leanness but they command the respect and attention of those around you. Women love a great set of arms, and men try tirelessly […]

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Everyone wants to lose fat and keep muscle, it’s what makes a great physique. On the surface, this may seem like it is impossible. It’s asking a lot of the body at once, however, the body does handle doing multiple things at once very well. Your body must keep your heart beat, brain function, fight […]

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