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Luke Hawx Workout for Professional Wrestlers

My workouts fluctuate every so often and depend on what I’m training for but ultimately I train to be as strong as possible with the best look as possible. Therefore, I train my major body muscles (chest, legs, arms) twice a week. The following is a breakdown of my Luke Hawx workout routine: Monday(Light chest/Rep […]

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5 day workout routine by Siera Capesius

A very common question I am asked is, “What is your workout routine?” Well, I have a 5-day work routine with two rest days throughout the week. My main fitness goals are to maintain my muscle while still having a lower body fat percentage. I lift to improve and maintain my lower body tone two […]

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Women's Fitness Expert - Siera Capesius

A Day in the Life of a Sponsored Athlete, Personal Trainer, and Gym Owner – Siera Capesius. Not only is she stunning on the outside, but also she is equally as gorgeous on the inside. In addition, she’s got the CV to back it up. Siera is a NASM & ISSA certified trainer, Denver’s A-List […]

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