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Do’s and Don’ts of the BioGenetic’s Diet

If you want the best results possible in your BioGenetic’s weight loss program and weight-loss activities, it’s important to put in the work and follow this diet.

Friendly Foods (The “Do’s”):
• Protein Options: Tofu, Boneless skinless chicken, fish, eggs, hummus, and beans
• All fruits (except bananas): If you can’t get fresh, frozen is a good second choice, and third choice would be canned only if in natural, unsweetened juices and drained
• Vegetables: fresh, in season produce that is green, red, orange, or purple. If you can’t get fresh, frozen is a good second choice, and third choice would be canned with no added salt
• Bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and artichoke hearts are fine canned or frozen
• Homemade veggie soups
• Home juiced fruit and veggie juices
• Unsweetened raw yogurt
• Herbal teas (uncaffeinated) or herbal coffee substitutes (such as Teeccino)
• Culinary herbs

Moderately Eaten Foods (The “OK’s”):
• Root veggies (except potatoes)
• Brown rice
• Chicken (free-range, organic)
• Fish (e.g., salmon, wild caught)
• Hummus
• Tofu
• Raw pickles
• Pasteurized juices
• Nuts and seeds (unsalted, raw)
• Grains (gluten free)
• Omega-3 enriched eggs (Gold Circle Farms, the country HenPilgrim’s Pride Eggs Plus, Eggsland’s Best)

Pantry/Cabinets Suggestions:
• Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
• Celtic Sea Salt (contains magnesium which is involved in over 300 detox pathways in the body)
• Mineral Bouillon (used for soups and dressings)
• Unpasteurized Miso (concentrated, fermented paste made from soybeans is great as a soup or in sauces or dressings)
• Oils—coconut oil, olive oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil
• Olives—naturally fermented (3-6 per day)

• Agave syrup, honey, maple syrup, stevia (comes in shaker bottle, drops, and packets) Dried Herbs
• Dill, basil, thyme, rosemary, lemon grass, cayenne pepper, cumin, coriander, curry, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, bay leaves, dill, garlic, ginger, anise, dried cilantro

• Onions
• Garlic
• Ginger
• Carrots
• Cabbage
• Leafy greens
• Celery

• Citrus (lemons or limes—100% organic is best, not from concentrate)
• Avocado
• Tomatoes
• Apples
• Pears
• Plums
• Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe )

Food to avoid (The “Don’ts”):
• Processed foods: refined and pre-packaged foods, artificial or “diet” ingredients
• Boxed foods or food from a can
• All meats (when following second two weeks, during the “cleanse” phase of the diet)
• Products made from wheat (or that aren’t gluten-free): bread, pasta, etc.
• Sweets: pastries, cookies, pies, crackers
• Dairy: milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, and sweetened yogurt
• Sugar: soda, candy, cake, chocolate, etc. (Sorry chocolate lovers!)
• Beverages: soft drinks, alcohol, and unfiltered tap water
• Bananas (because they’re high in starch and slow the digestion and cleanse process)
• Potatoes (because they’re high in starch and slow the digestion and cleanse process)


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