Maximize muscle growth naturally with these tips and techniques It’s straight forward. You want to build more muscle… and fast. You don’t want to add a pound of fresh beef each year – you want more! You want a thick, striated chest, peaked biceps, sweeping quads and a “bat wing” V taper! To accelerate your […]

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metabolic factor

Metabolic Factor: Get Your Body to Burn Fat 24/7 To shed pounds successfully, you need more than diet and exercise. You need to influence the metabolic factors that will unlock your full potential to burn fat, daily. Have you ever viewed yourself as a healthy person trapped inside an unhealthy body? Or been quick to criticize […]

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Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load : What are they? How are they related? And how can they help you build a leaner, healthier body? Introduction In terms of weight loss and physique enhancement, the scientific community focused on counting calories for many years. It then focused on fat, and the low-fat movement was born. For […]

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Bigger, stronger, leaner… all words we use when we describe what we want out of supplements. No one spend their hard earned money on ‘supps’ hoping they don’t accelerate their gains (or losses). We expect results from protein, gainers, BCAAs, creatine, fat burners and the gamut of other supplements we use on a daily basis. […]

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