Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson


Those close to Thomas Anderson know him as a soft-spoken gentleman. With deep military heritage, Thomas applies a daily discipline to his training, eating and sports nutrition supplements. He is now recognized as one of the fastest-rising bodybuilders on the planet!

Clarksville, TN

To his friends, Thomas is known as Hulk Jr. and for good reason. As soon as Thomas steps into the gym, you know right away why this nickname is so fitting. He literally transforms from a soft-spoken gentleman to a savage that attacks the weights with the precision of a surgeon and the intensity of a lion.

Through years of dedication to his craft, Thomas earned his IFBB Pro status by winning the NPC National Middleweight Division in 2013. After packing on significant-quality muscle from earning his pro card, Thomas is a serious threat in and International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Pro 212 lbs. and under contest.

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