Starts Mid-January

A new year presents an opportunity for many to reassess and reset their personal health and fitness goals. Many people use this time to focus on weight loss, shed some excessive holiday weight, develop healthier eating and exercise habits, and start making changes toward a healthier lifestyle. The purpose of this campaign and its messaging as we feature content in these first few months of 2023 is to feature our brands and products as SOLUTIONS that help others achieve their daily health, fitness, and exercise goals. Messaging around 'Bring the Heat' is meant challenge a consistent effort for 6-weeks... to motivate… to help and inform… and to inspire others to find the right product that best helps them get started on their weight loss goals and "burn" the fat away - all while maintaining muscle.


Featured Product(s):
ARSENAL X - Thermogenic Fat Burner
OMEGA-CUTS - Body Toner
INFERNO STACK - 6 Week Stack/Challenge


Content Deliverables:
– IG Reels Videos *Highly Preferred
– Selfie Shot w/ Product(s)
– Exercise Advice Tips ‘n Techniques
– Product Reviews or Testimonials
– How To’s
– Healthy Eating and Snacking


Creative Considerations:
Content around usage and how easy these types of products are to implement into your daily routine… how they help you burn more calories throughout the day… can help give you the energy needed to get you through your work day… give you energy and focus for exercising… feature nootropic ‘feel good’ and mentally stimulating effects for enhanced focus, etc…


Timeline/Publish Date:
Starting Mid-January - March




February 3rd - 14th - Valentine's Day

The goal with our first influencer campaign of 2023 is to utilize Valentine’s Day to emphasize that N-TEST 600 Advanced 2.0 can help support vitality, sexual drive, boost libido, and help with performance. These benefits are usually mentioned after gaining strength, building lean muscle, supporting better performance in the gym, Primary messaging ideally placed on how N-TEST 600 can help give you a boost in the gym and in the bedroom. We are looking for maximum involvement and participation with content generation for this campaign, and we want to feature it across our social channels to help increase sales and overall exposure.

Featured Product(s):
N-TEST 600 Advanced 2.0 - Testosterone Booster
– Improved Sexual Drive & Performance
– Stronger Vitality & Libido

– IG Reels Videos *Highly Preferred
– Giveaway
– Selfie Shot w/ Product
– Couples Shot w/ Product

Creative Considerations:
For the LADIES we want to see content from your perspective that shows how your Valentine’s Day could be better for you if your man uses a testosterone booster like N-TEST 600.

For the GUYS we want to see from you how taking N-TEST 600 testosterone booster can help you be ready for your date on Valentine’s Day.


*NOTE: Visually we are looking for content to be a bit sexier and suggestive, but nothing too revealing, crude, or vulgar. Please do not do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing or produce anything you don’t feel comfortable with posting or us showing on our feed.


Timeline/Publish Date:
February 3rd – 14th



Please let me know if you have any question or concerns - IG DM @pmdsports or ask me below.

– Mike Matulka | Social Media Manager

Thank you!