Amplify® XL

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  • Premium, high protein shake for muscle recovery, growth and overall health
  • Enriched with Glutamine, greens and digestive enzymes
  • Supported by a large array of vitamins and minerals for overall good health
  • Fortified with flax seed powder
  • Used by men and women to improve their overall look and wellbeing                 

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Amplify XL is a great tasting, superior quality protein for complete muscle building and recovery. Amplify XL is a precise ratio and superior blend of whey protein concentrate, L-glutamine, whey protein isolate and egg protein allowing for a controlled release of Aminos into the muscle fibers. Amplify XL’s “Protein Efficiency Ratio” makes it the perfect tool to support protein absorption, increase your body’s nitrogen levels, enhance muscle recovery, and build/maintain lean muscle tissue growth. Fortified with digestive enzymes, flax seed powder and supported by a large array of vitamins and minerals from the unique Hydro Greens Blend for overall good health and wellbeing.

  • Powerful Strength: Amplify XL’s premium protein blend is strategically formulated with the quick releasing combination of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate paired with the controlled released egg protein delivering the most effective fuel for your muscles. Make each workout count and get stronger with each rep.
  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery: Amplify XL and its supercharged protein along with added glutamine plays an essential role in the cellular maintenance muscle recovery. Achieve greater tissue maintenance and regulation, hormone and enzyme production, fluid balance, and the provision of energy. Build lean muscle faster bringing you closer to your fitness goals.
  • Intense Muscle Development: Protein is a vital component of every cell in the body. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues, to make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals, and it is essential in bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. It plays an essential role in the cellular maintenance, growth, and functionality of the human body.
  • Build Lean Muscle: Formulated with an advanced fully transparent amino acid blend, Amplify XL uses these Aminos as fundamental building blocks for muscular development. Although your body needs fat and carbohydrates to function, you simply cannot build muscle without protein. Amplify XL is sufficiently fueled with the BCAAs necessary to achieve dynamic lean muscular growth.

Quality is #1: Amplify XL offers the high quality protein your body needs. There is no amino spiking! Furthermore, here are some additional qualities that make Amplify XL such a high quality product:

  • No added sugar
  • Gluten Free
    • The wheat grass in our formulas are gluten free, and any of our products that claim Gluten Free on the label are independently tested for gluten prior to release. The FDA’s definition of gluten-free is less than 20 parts per million (ppm). Amplify XL tested below 20 ppm.
  • Aspartame Free
  • No artificial colors
  • Trans fat free
  • No soy protein
  • Preservative Free

Faster Recovery

Take your gym experience to new heights where you can expect faster recovery time when it matters most. Amplify XL increases muscle efficiency under the most challenging workout conditions, improving optimum athletic performance and strength. Unleash your ability to crush every workout.


Formulated with an advanced amino acid blend Amplify XL uses these aminos as fundamental building blocks for muscular development. Although your body needs fat and carbohydrates to function, you simply cannot build muscle without protein. Amplify XL is sufficiently fueled with the BCAAs necessary to achieve dynamic lean muscular growth.

Build Muscle

10g of glutamine and BCAAs support for increased muscle strength and size to help you achieve next level performance. The body relies on glutamine as a cellular fuel for the immune system. Research demonstrates that glutamine supplementation can minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue and improve protein metabolism. It assists in maintaining the proper acid/alkaline balance in the body while also promoting a healthy digestive tract. Glutamine, which is the most abundant free form amino acid found in the muscular system, specifically helps build and maintain lean muscle tissue.

Improved Blood Flow

As a non-essential amino acid, arginine found in Amplify XL is necessary for the execution of many physiological processes. The body uses arginine to produce nitric oxide. This helps dilate vessel walls and improve blood flow around the heart. It is also involved with hormone secretion and increasing growth hormone output, which can either help aid weight loss by increasing fat loss or can be utilized for optimal muscle growth and tissue repair. Arginine also is involved in the removal of ammonia and toxic waste products from the body. It is used for the healing of wounds and strengthens immune system defenses. Arginine also helps increase protein synthesis

Mix 1 heaping scoop of Amplify XL to 8 oz of cold water, and consume immediately following your workout to maximize recover and fight fatigue. If extra thickness is desired, add a handful of ice cubes and blend. To be used as part of a physical conditioning program.

Reviews (55)

Great Protein Powder. Tastes Great.

This protein has been my favorite for over a decade. I have tried numerous other protein powders but find myself ordering another bottle of this one. Tastes great. Vanilla is my favorite. Smooth in the blender. No chunks ever.

Posted by House on June 20, 2019

3/4 full

When open only 3/4 full not full like it should be

Posted by Robert Buckholz on May 9, 2019

High quality great taste

PMD Sports Amplify is maybe the best protein powder supplement I’ve used over the years. Great recovery drink and overall the perfect powder I mix with OJ, almond milk, banana and strawberries. And Fit For Life did a great job delivering on time and fast! Great customer service.

Posted by Voodudrew on May 3, 2019

Great ingredients

Excellent taste and protein result.

Posted by YankeeWolf on April 28, 2019

Best price for really good product

We used this supplement some time and we really like it; this is first time we bought here, same protein but best price. Fast delivery as committed. Really nice.

Posted by Jochen on April 10, 2019

I think this is good stuff

Recommended by the guy at GNC but I have been taking it for a while and I think it is good stuff.

Posted by reo670 on April 6, 2019

A great buy!

Delicious and nutritious ! Used this product before with their chocolate and while the vanilla is a little thicker of a powder the end result is still the same!

Posted by Raymond Lovelace on March 16, 2019

A great glutamine and whey protein matrix combo with added nutrition...

I consistently use this on a daily basis. Has a great value addition nutrition in addition to the base protein.

Posted by Timothy L Lenon on March 5, 2019

No going back to other protein powders.

Great tasting, the vanilla mixes well with just about anything, found the powder somewhat thicker than other brands but a few extra seconds in the blender takes care of that, I use this as a meal replacement and it’s extremely satisfying, sticking with this protein powder from now on.

Posted by Kenneth Kroll on February 27, 2019

Great protein

It’s great high quality protein, been using it for 2 years now and it’s the first time I’ve ordered it off of amazon because GNC didn’t have it in stock, but the protein the best I’ve had and it taste great.

Posted by Diego Rojas on February 16, 2019

Great Product!!!

Love the convenience of a quick meal with lots of added protein.

Posted by Janet on February 14, 2019

Great product

Best tasting product on the market even if you just use water. I use it for recovery after a workout or when I make a smoothie .I’ve been using it for many years.

Posted by Max on February 2, 2019