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  • BIO GRO will build muscle, recover faster and increase strength
  • 8-week clinical results +6.3 lbs of mass, +120 lbs on leg press†
  • Contains exclusive Bio-Pro Bio-Active Peptides®
  • Easy Mixing | Sugar Free | Gluten Free | Stimulant Free
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What to expect from using BIO-GRO?

BIO-GRO was designed to augment an important physiological function to a greater capacity than it can on its own (no matter how much protein or aminos you consume). It does this by assisting your body to signal and accelerate the rate at which it processes the building and re-building of muscle tissue, called protein synthesis. By doing so, you can develop lean body mass at a faster more efficient rate.

Daily Usage

Additionally, and equally important, you should notice a reduction in recovery time after bouts of intense exercise or weight training. Therefore, BIO-GRO should be used daily and consistently over time, just as you would food or other sources of protein.

BIO GRO is backed by scientific studies and research To date, there are over 32 clinical studies, conducted from 1990 to 2011, which demonstrate the positive effects of the primary ingredient inside BIO-GRO, including improvements in lean body mass, performance, recovery, strength, immune function.

Bio-Gro Callouts

What Are Bio Active Peptides?

The engineered Bio-Active Peptides (or BAP’s) found only in BIO-GRO use a world-leading manufacturing method, whereby cleaved protein fragments are extracted from the highest grade bovine colostrum, which are then centrifuged and micro-concentrated to form a low molecular weight, highly bioavailable powder, yielding an exact concentration of bioactive proline rich peptides.

Benefits of iSatori’s BIO-GRO Protein Synthesis Amplifier

Increase Strength

Increase Strength

Using the correct nutrients in your program is key to building a muscular, strong body. BIO-GRO assists the body to signal and accelerate the rate at which it processes the building and re-building of muscle tissue, called protein synthesis, which increases and improves your body’s strength.

Muscle Building

Muscle Building

BIO-GRO is unlike any other post workout supplement on the market. The ultra concentrated Bio-Pro Bio-Active Peptides found only in BIO-GRO act as a fertilizer for your muscles and should be part of your daily supplement regime. Bio Gro is the true catalyst to help drive lean muscle growth, improved strength, and decreased recovery time.

Speed Up Workout Recovery

Speed Up Workout Recovery

Every hard workout should end with the right recovery nutrients, that is, with BIO-GRO on the top of the list. Within 45 minutes of completing your workout, take BIO-GRO to rush to your hard-worked muscles and quickly promote recovery and accelerate protein synthesis, because the faster you recover, the faster you can reach your goals.

Benefits Both Men and Women

Benefits Both Men and Women

BIO-GRO contains almost zero calories, zero fat, and zero sugars, it is perfect for dieters who are calorie- or carb-conscience yet want the bioactive benefits of protein to help develop and maintain lean body tissue. BIO-GRO requires only one tiny scoop (1.5 grams) compared to a large-sized protein shake (25 grams or more), that can leave your stomach feeling full or bloated. What’s more, BIO-GRO is derived from a natural source and is safe for anyone to consume.

iSatori BIO-GRO Protein Synthesis Amplifier for Muscle, Strength and Recovery

AMPLIFY MUSCLE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS – iSatori’s BIO-GRO is specifically designed to help your body amplify the muscle protein synthesis process. After working out or competing in intense athletics, you need to take advantage of the hard work you body just put in. BIO-GRO helps amplify the process your body uses to synthesize protein to help you recover faster, gain more muscle and elevate strength.

FASTER RECOVERY AFTER WORKOUTS – Your body can adjust more quickly after intense workouts, weight training, or athletic performances when you use BIO-GRO. Our specialized formula has key ingredients to help your body recover at a much quicker pace. Bio-Active Peptides (BAPs) have been shown to support your body in its critical recovery phase after the demands you place on it.

LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING – BIO-GRO has been shown in a human clinical study to increase mass 6.3 pounds in just 8 weeks. It is perfect for gaining lean muscle to improve your appearance.

STRENGTH GAINS – In an 8-week human clinical trial, the group using BIO-GRO gained 16.7 pounds on their max bench press and 120 pounds on their max leg press. These were the average results obtained by trained male weight lifters.

SCIENCE + WORK = RESULTS – iSatori sports nutrition supplements can help support you in reaching your fitness goals. When you work hard at achieving your optimal body you need to protect your investment. By combining our nutritional supplements with your workouts, you leverage our science to maximize higher energy levels and reduce your recovery time.

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