Core Fuel Reloaded

  • 8-IN-1, Stimulant-Free Formula for Performance and Recovery
  • Perfect for Pre, Intra or Post-workout consumption
  • Supports muscle energy, strength, endurance, muscular contractions, pumps, recovery and hydration
  • Muscle-sparing formula for maximum results
  • World-class flavors for your taste buds                 


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Core Fuel Reloaded is a comprehensive formula that fuels your core for stronger next level results! There are significant advantages with Core Fuel Reloaded, and the benefits are endless. You work hard in the gym to achieve the look you desire and your supplements should be working just as hard as you do. There are several products that you can take to help supplement your workout and diet regimen, but taking them all at the same time simply isn’t realistic, or is often times too expensive… at least until now. Core Fuel Reloaded provides the benefits of eight performance and recovery products in one great tasting supplement powder. This delicious drink is fully loaded, and it can truly be used in a variety of ways by anyone.

  • Versatile Timing: Take Core Fuel Reloaded before, during, or after your workouts to drive greater performance and support improved recovery.
  • Stronger Muscle: The benefits from several anabolic supplements are combined into this one highly advanced formula. This delicious drink features time-tested and powerful creatine, betaine, helps with muscle protein synthesis inducing BCAAs at the 3:1:1 ratio, and features powerful smart carbs to help increase uptake while powering muscles through intense workouts.
  • Greater Endurance: One significant pre-workout edge found in Core Fuel Reloaded is its Glut4 InsullJect Delivery System, which helps to enhance insulin and glycogen storage in muscle cells. As a result this helps provide an unmatched and more readily available fuel source of carbohydrates to help take you beyond your physical performance thresholds. Core Fuel Reloaded also features beta alanine to fight fatigue and help your workouts last longer.
  • Muscle Pumps: This powerful formula includes Citrulline and Arginine to really help get the juices flowing and the muscles pumping for maximum output.
  • Quicker Muscle Recovery: Consume immediately following your workout for optimal recovery and to help combat muscle soreness. With five different forms of Glutamine and 1.5g of Creatine MagnaPower, this dynamic combination is geared to help restore energy stores as well as support quicker muscle recovery post-exercise. Also and uniquely added to this already impressive formulation are 1.5g of Bio-Pro, Bio-Active Peptides, which clinical results have shown to help build lean muscle, supports faster recovery times, and increases strength! Use Core Fuel Reloaded along with your traditional post-workout protein to help reinforce your recovery efforts for more dramatic results!

Boost Endurance

Beta-Alanine is included in this formula, as a ‘fatigue fighting’ pre-cursor to Carnosine. More Beta-Alanine, translates to an increase in carnosine levels that will help delay the onset of muscle fatigue, which then helps you exert more muscular output toward exercise for a longer duration of time. Two additional supporting factors to this blend are Citrulline and Arginine AKG, which help to spike nitric oxide (N.O.) levels and fuel superior muscle pumps. These two ingredients together support the increase N.O. production, help to reduce lactic acid and ammonia within muscle cells, and supports the increase of ATP and phosphocreatine recovery. This blend also helps to open up the portals within the circulatory system to more efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrient-enriched blood to muscle tissue. This healthy increase in blood flow helps to produce more intense and longer-lasting muscle pumps, and helps to maintain that pump through intra- and post-workout performance.


Fueled with its exclusive Tru|Fuel Performance Matrix, this robust formulation features a 3:1:1 advanced BCAA ratio to support energy, lean muscle gains, and recovery between physical activities. The result is better support for increased muscle strength and size. Unleash the muscle growth and performance you need to crush every workout. The custom engineered BIO-PRO, bio-active peptides, act as “fertilizer for your muscles”. The 1.5g of BIO-PRO included in Core Fuel Reloaded contains the equivalent bio-actives of 25g of whey protein concentrate.

Maximize Recovery

Protein is the golden rule post-workout supplement, but there are plenty of other effective supplements you can take in addition to protein to maximize your recovery. Many of those recovery-based ingredients are found in Core Fuel’s precise formulation. Branched chain amino acids, creatine, glutamine, smart carbohydrates and bio-active peptides are prime ingredients that can help take your workout performance and recovery to the next level. The beauty of Core Fuel Reloaded is you can take it whenever you need it… before, during, or after your workout! The formula is also caffeine free, so an ideal supplement to use if you exercise later in the evening. Always fuel your core!

For Pre-Workout: Mix 1 scoop of Core Fuel Reloaded with 12 fl. oz. of cold water (adjust to desired taste) and use 15–30 minutes prior to workout to take your results to the next level.

For Intra-Workout: Mix 1 scoop of Core Fuel Reloaded with 12 fl. oz. of cold water (adjust to desired taste) and sip through the 2nd half of your workout; finish immediately following your workout to maximize performance and help with endurance.

For Post-Workout: Mix 1 scoop of Core Fuel Reloaded with 12 fl. oz. of cold water (adjust to desired taste) and consume immediately following your workout for optimal recovery and to help reduce fatigue.

Notice: Tested athletes should check with governing body(s) before use. To be used as part of a physical conditioning program. Contents may settle after shipping. Moisture and humidity can cause clumping and discoloration. Discard after expiration date.

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