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FitLife Brands is offering the Front Line Bottle of ENERGIZE for the professionals keeping America going through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Whether you’re a medical professional who is being tested in new and challenging ways every day or are doing your part to keep the supply chain moving, we celebrate you. And we want to help, by offering 20% off and free shipping of our Front Line Bottle, an 84 count bottle of ENERGIZE.

Reviews (336)

Best energy supplement out there

I have tried about 4 different brands of Focus/Energy supplements through Amazon. Honestly I can’t say that I have noticed much of a difference with those other brands. Energize seems to be the only type of supplement that I actually feel a difference in my energy levels. I would recommend Energize over just about any other brand on Amazon.

Posted by Justin on June 10, 2019

not for me - need something a little stronger

not for me – need something a little stronger w/ out the headache. Actually they have taken so much good product off the market , it’s sad.

Posted by cayC on June 4, 2019

So far so good

I just start to taken this but so far so good, I hope I have no regrets about it

Posted by Merlene on May 27, 2019

Need a boost to your Energy!


Posted by Ruby Wilson on May 17, 2019

Bouncy in the Morning

Great pick me up for those who don’t drink coffee.

Posted by Vanessa Harrington on May 8, 2019


Kept me going all through my 12 hour shift.

Posted by Monalisa Buyuccan on May 7, 2019

Love this product

Nothing to dislike, fast shipping. When I use this product I split pill in half and take in morning before the gym. I’m small thats why I take half. I find that it helps with that little extra push. I’m sensitive to caffeine and this is why I like this product because I do not get shaky or irritable.

Posted by Amazon Customer on May 3, 2019

Best Energy Supplement

‘Energize’ is my favorite non-caffeinated energy supplement since last Winter 2018. I found it at the local drugstore and continued ordering through Amazon. The natural caffeine ingredient is ‘coffee arabica’. I take two (2) tablets once a day and I am energized through out the day with very little downtime. It is for this reason that it has become my favorite supplement for the last two seasons. I occasionally stack it with the ‘Stacker 2’ supplement also purchased in Amazon.

Posted by Morganna on May 2, 2019


They give me the energy to make it thru my third full time job of the day

Posted by Chris on May 1, 2019

ok but a little pricey.

Slight pickup. Not as strong as 5 Hour; but no jitters.

Posted by gncaz on April 27, 2019

This stuff really works

I like the mental alertness and the constant and consistent energy levels. I am a cancer patient and the two problems I have is fatigue and a mental fog that never seems to go away. I take one of these tablets every day and those two problems seem to be dramatically reduced. I mean it’s a very noticeable improvement for me in my everyday life. I really like how it works for me.

Posted by Kathy Breedlove on April 26, 2019


This gives me energy without jitters.

Posted by Linda Wilson on April 21, 2019

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