Forskolin Lean & Tone™

  • Improved Fat-Burning Metabolism
  • Enhanced Lean, Toned Muscle
  • Decreased Body Fat and BMI
  • 250 mg of Patented Forslean (20% and 10%) / Serving
  • Zero Stimulants | Vegetarian


18 reviews

What Is FORSKOLIN Lean & Tone™?

Forskolin Lean & Tone™ utilized patented, researched and standardized Forslean® to insure the absolute highest quality forskohlin (the active ingredient) possible. This particular Coleus forskohlii root is grown and cultivated under strict, sustainable conditions in Southern India so that the consistency of the growing conditions is well monitored.

Forskohlin positively affects fat loss and the maintenance of muscle mass, which is the perfect recipe to lower fat and maintain muscle tone. When scientists describe how Forskohlin works they describe how it, “Stimulates a membrane-bound enzyme adenylyl cyclase, which in turn helps to synthesize cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) which then activates cAMP activated protein kinase (PKA). This then triggers an enzyme known as hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) to help catalyze lipolysis, which in simple terms results in weight loss.” In simple terms, Forskohlin triggers a metabolic pathway to help your body release and burn fat more efficiently.

What does FORSKOHLIN do?

Improved Metabolism

Triggers a metabolic pathway to help your body release and burn fat more efficiently.

FREE Diet Plan Included

Our dietitian developed healthy eating guide to help get in your best shape ever.

Stimulant Free

Reduce fat without the caffeine so there’s no need to worry about getting the gitters.

Coleus forskohlii is an herb originating from India. Yet not all Coleus forskohliis are the same.

Recent breakthroughs credit a special extract as the key to looking leaner. Here’s the skinny on how it works and why this patented extract may help you sculpt a leaner, sleeker body:∆ForsLean® is the proprietary extract of Coleus forskohlii’s active ingredient, Forskolin. It increases cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) to help increase lean body tissue and break down fat tissue.∆‡

ForsLean has been extensively tested for purity and potency. FORSKOLIN LEAN & TONE with ForsLean extract offers the only patented 10 and 20% extract with published studies showing a decrease in body fat and body weight and an increase in lean tissue.∆‡

In one study, ForsLean subjects lost 4.02% of their total body weight while the placebo group actually gained weight (0.29%). In a subsequent 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study, ForsLean subjects lost 9.9 lbs of fat mass and gained 8.1 lbs of lean body mass (vs. fat loss of 1.1 lbs and gain of 3.45 lbs lean body mass for the placebo group).∆‡

The conclusion?

ForsLean has been shown to increase important metabolism-boosting lean tissue as it reduces body fat, helping our bodies become more efficient fat-fighting machines. If your goal is to look leaner and more toned, Forskolin Lean & Tone with patented ForsLean may help you tip the scales in your favor so you can reach your goals faster.∆

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Reviews (18)

Posted by Nicholas P Kosinski on May 29, 2019

Rele works

Great rele works

Posted by Charlie Ayala on May 6, 2019

Just started but it goes down smooth.

Just started but so far I’m liking it.

Posted by Julie on May 4, 2019

Can't tell results from first bottle.

I’m willing to give it a try for a couple months. The “write-up” was encouraging. It needs another month’s trial before I can make a decision.

Posted by Miguel Aguirre on April 16, 2019


Pretty great stuff for the wife

Posted by Marybel on April 7, 2019

It works

To keep my weight down

Posted by Anonymous 9876 on March 23, 2019


I take it on an empty stomach 2 times a day and my weight has dropped from 126-120 in a month and a half. I try to eat healthy and workout 5 days a week. Very satisfied!

Posted by Veronica on March 13, 2019

Increased energy

No side effects. I feel less bloated

Posted by Karla on March 9, 2019

It does work!

It does work, it improves your metabolism!

Posted by Amazon Customer on February 16, 2019

it works!

Does what it said it would do

Posted by yoly on January 2, 2019

They good

They good

Posted by Roberta Klyne on June 12, 2018

Finally I found something that works

I don’t really do reviews, but this has worked for me. I read a lot about forskolin and decided to try this one. It’s not the cheapest but it has the best ingredient in my opinion. I’m actually losing weight with walking, following the diet and using this every day. I have about 65 pounds to lose, but I’ve lost over 15 so far so I’m motivated. I recommend this for sure!

Posted by Sylvia T. on May 11, 2018

Body fat down

My trainer recommended I add this to my plan as he felt I was taking in too much caffeine. This is caffeine free, but has some studies showing it works. I do miss my morning pick me up but I can live with that as my results a re really good so far.

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