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  • Reduce Fat Mass
  • Improve Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Reduce Hunger Cravings
  • Stimulant-Free | Gluten-Free | Hormone-Free
  • Free 3-Phase Diet Plan Included



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When you need to lose significant weight look no further than hCG ALTERNATIVE. The clinically studied formula works in unison with the 3-Phase Diet Plan to trim the inches and fat quickly. The formula goes to work fast to stimulate the fat-burning process and deliver results within the first 8 days so you can stay motivated to reach your goals.∆

The specific 3-Phase Diet Plan has been designed to accelerate weight loss in Phase 1, keep your metabolism active in Phase 2 and help maintain your weight loss in Phase 3. The diet is clearly laid out and incorporates many common and popular foods to help you succeed both short and long term.

What does hCG ALTERNATIVE do?

Reduced Food Cravings

Helps to increase serotonin levels in your brain helping to reduce food cravings.

FREE Diet Plan Included

Our dietitian developed healthy eating guide to help get in your best shape ever.

Stimulant Free

Reduce fat without the caffeine so there’s no need to worry about getting the gitters.

In a University of Mary Hardin-Baylor study, 54 male and female participants using the hCG ALTERNATIVE formula (the very product you are holding in your hands), increased free fatty acid appearance in the blood (a significant marker of body fat breakdown) by over 150% over the placebo group.∆‡What’s more, those who took hCG ALTERNATIVE during the study experienced a 3.03% decrease in body fat percentage compared to a 0.36% decrease for the placebo group after only eight days of supplementation. That is over 8x greater loss in body fat in only 8 days!∆‡

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Reviews (20)

Effective product

this product did not work for me at all. But It says money back guarantee

Posted by Lapeachtriss Turner on June 1, 2019

Quick results

Definitely curbs your appetite. I lost 5 lbs, you have to stay consistent and change your diet.

Posted by Twinkle Munar on April 11, 2019

You have to stick to the diet!!

Years ago, I used the original biogenics HCG Alternator and lost 20 lbs in just 3 weeks. I kept the weight off but due to some medical issues, could not try the diet again. I found the HCG alternative and after one month, I’ve lost 32 lbs. Keep in mind I stick by the original 500 calorie HCG diet found in my research and not the diet included with the supplement. Also, I drink a good 100 ozs of water a day. I still cheat and adjust my calories so I can cheat… I use bolthouse farms dressing for my salads and sugar free vanilla creamer with my coffee in the AM. You are limited on the diet, but after just a couple days of the 500 calorie diet, my appetite completely vanished. There were days where I realized I forgot to eat – not good I know – but my job is very labor intensive and many times I work through the day and just eat an apple and then a large dinner to get in my 500 calories. Sometimes, I’m so worn out from working (not lethargic from the diet – I actually have great energy on the diet)… I’m a professional organizer and I’m constantly moving…. that when I get home, that if I have not pre-cooked my protein I might just pass out after a shower! :)Just be realistic. If you cheat, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. So, if you’re planning on having a cheat meal, don’t take the supplements. I promise if you do, you’ll find you will have gained a pound or 2. I kept off my original 20 lbs by sticking to a very healthy diet with moderate exercise. The way I look at it, I might want that bacon cheeseburger and fries really bad but it will be there in 30 days anyhow and I can work it into a healthy eating plan with a weekly cheat day. The food will always be there but if you keep eating it, so will your weight… so stick to a 500 cal diet and research the original HCG diet plan. On a day when I eat all my calories here is what my diet looks like: AM – 2 cups of coffee with sugar free creamer; lunch – rolled up turkey with spinach; dinner – 2 cups of greens and veggies with 2 tbsp bolthouse farms dressing with 4 oz baked chicken or fish… and if I have a sweet tooth – an apple. AND LOADS of WATER!! Good luck!

Posted by Christi on April 9, 2019

Good price

Seems to work, even when I am not exercising

Posted by ben on March 5, 2019

Results Depend on You!

This product will “assist” in achieving your weight loss goals. As with any weight control product on the market, you have to…1. Exercise (even if it’s just walking thru a grocery store or mall) 2. Eat Clean/Diet (control your daily carbohydrate, fat & protein intake a.k.a METS)3. COOK your own food (no fast food restaurants)4. Listen to YOUR BODY, start with 2-3 pills daily instead of recommended 4 pills.5. Be Patient (you didn’t gain extra weight/fat over night so it’s NOT COMING OFF OVERNIGHT either!**Results depend on individual efforts!!!I’m down 18-pounds since my January start, it hasn’t been easy but La Fitness, Instagram cooking pages & smaller pant sizes keep me motivated!

Posted by Demi on February 9, 2019

Does not hurt my stomach.

Suppresses appetite to the point that I can go without food for a day or even two. Did I lose any weight in the past few months? No.

Posted by Olga on February 6, 2019

Doesn't work

Doesn’t curb appetite

Posted by Jennifer Trotta on January 24, 2019


Must try please… results will follow

Posted by MA-AMAKA on December 4, 2018

Perfect as described

Happy Customer

Posted by Evelyn Guevara on November 26, 2018

Just as good as REAL HCG!!!!

This pills combined with a healthy eating plan definitely work. I have lost 55 lbs in just a few months. I take this and another product and together they are the wonder cure for weight loss. I took this instead of real hcg and it literally worked the same. I actually took off weight faster than friends spending $300 plus a month for real hcg.

Posted by Melissa M Kimball on November 13, 2018


Day 2 but can’t feel a difference yet. I’m hungry and the diet is strict. I do hope these good reviews are from actual customers.

Posted by Martha S. on July 3, 2018

Better Than Drops

I used HCG drops and found out they were homeopathic with almost no active ingredient in them. My disappointment in not seeing or feeling any changes of course demoralized me. I switched to these HCG pills and have actually made some progress. I likes the diet inside as well – I made some of my own adjustments but nothing major and I’m progressing nicely with 11 pounds gone in about 4.5 weeks. I’m starting to see a little less “flappy” under my arms and just some better energy day after day.

Posted by Amanda on May 22, 2018