• NEW 3000 mg Bombsicle Flavor is now available!
  • Available in 1500 mg and 3000 mg Strengths
  • Helps Convert Fat to Fuel∆
  • Helps Improve Energy Production∆
  • Supports Healthy Metabolism∆
  • 0 Calorie | 0 Sugar | 0 Gluten | 0 Stimulants
  • Incredible Taste

$13.99 - $26.99

8 reviews


LIQUID L-CARNITINE LS3 is a true advancement in L-Carnitine supplementation. It is a combination of L-Carnitine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. With this, iSatori has created a calorie free, sugar free, gluten free, great tasting liquid that supports fat loss and metabolism.∆ L-CARNINE LS3 + ENERGY is also available as with the same base formula and added energy components.

What does L-CARNITINE LS3 do?


L-Carnitine has been a staple in sports and weight-loss supplements for years. Aiding in fat loss, energy production, metabolism, and insulin modulation, L-Carnitine is a great supplement for not only those who are looking to supercharge their metabolism, and change body composition but anyone looking to optimize their performance in and out of the gym. ∆


L-Carnitine assists in the metabolic process of shuttling fatty acids across cell membranes into the mitochondrial matrix where energy is processed. Being more efficient in this process helps the body produce natural energy more readily.


With the assistance of L-Carnitine in the energy production of free fatty acids, endurance can be optimized and extended; as well as post workout recovery. When performing lower intensity type workouts like jogging on a treadmill or climbing on a step machine, your body tends to use Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) as a primary energy source. While L-Carnitine helps increase the efficiency of using FFAs as an energy source, the end result is more useable energy to support physical endurance.

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Reviews (8)

Posted by Siera on August 21, 2017

Amazing product

This is one of my favorite products! I use this on the days I do my workouts. I like that it is in a liquid form and the gummy bear flavor is my favorite. I recommend this product for anyone who is wanting to increase their fitness goals!

Posted by Ray on March 22, 2017

Best flavor ever!!! ( mixed berry )

This product hands down delivers exactly what it says
I’ve been using this product for approximately two months now
I mix it in my water
I take it by itself when I’m in a hurry
and sometimes I add it to my mixed berry breakfast smoothies
I love the fact that a stimulant free
But at the same time l-carnitine LS three helps to increase energy and boost your metabolism
which is perfect for me as I do high interval training hit cardio Battle ropes
And might I add I have definitely noticed the difference that I seem to sweat more after using this product! (boosted metabolism)
And three friends of mine have tried this and they agree .

Posted by Ursula Fialho on March 15, 2017

Best Tasting Supplement EVER

I bought this during the Arnold Classic Ohio 2017 and have been using almost every day since. First because it makes me want to drink my water, this peach mango flavor is by far the best I have ever tried. Second because I love having an alternative to coffee here and there, not that this gives me the same level of alertness (maybe it would if I drink the serving all at once?), but because it is a great start to my morning and amazing to sip throughout my work day. Now for the benefits, I just trust the brand to deliver with what they claim on the packaging. I do think my level of performance for maintaining myself hydrated with this throughout the day has improved.

Posted by George on January 19, 2017

You can never have too much L-Carnitine

I have had many different Carnitines but L-Carnitine LS3 has the best flavor in the market, it tastes just like Pink Lemonade!

Posted by Sandra on January 16, 2017

My Fave!

This is an awesome supplement. First thing is it is delicious. I drink one serving before cardio early in the morning on an empty stomach – it tastes amazing and helps me keep up on my water consumption. I mix a serving with 12 oz of water and ice. Mid afternoon I always fill up my water bottle at work and do the second serving. Again, I’m drinking more water than before. For results, I’ve added this to my program for about 5 weeks now and although I’m fairly fit to begin with I’m noticing more definition in my arms and thighs in particular. Don’t hesitate – try this (particularly the Pink Lemonade!)

Posted by Nathan on June 12, 2016

Pink Lemonade is Unbelievable

I’ve tried a lot of Carnitine and I generally get good noticeable results but the taste of some products are nasty. I can’t do glycerol based products This L-carnitine is not only in water but the taste is unbelievable!! It is literally PINK LEMONADE with 0 cal and 0 sugar. 5 stars.

Posted by Nic on March 15, 2016

Stack this with LIPO-DREX

Do yourself a favor and mix a serving in 8 oz of cold water while you train and stay hydrated and process fat. This is perfect to stack with LIPO-DREX, which releases the stored fat, and L-CARNITINE helps it go to where it gets burned for energy. Do it every day for a month and see and it’s awesome.

Posted by Siera on January 30, 2016

Amazing Product!

I love the liquid form of this product. It is easy to take every day and it tastes amazing!