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Support for:

  • Libido/Sex Drive*
  • Testosterone*
  • Lean Muscle*
  • Cognition*
  • Mood*





Experience vitality, wellness and vigor with TEST-X5 ULTRA’s complete 5-in-1 men’s health formula!

When the vitality of your youth is overpowered by low testosterone, reduced energy, and declining sex drive, don’t despair. Father time can be ruthless, but you can fight back with iSatori’s TEST-X5 ULTRA.

TEST-X5 ULTRA is designed to support restored levels of testosterone and help with five critical elements for energy and vitality. First up is support with libido, which is derived from a healthy dose of D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus, Deer Antler Velvet and Bulbine. These ingredients together really help to get those bedroom vibes in motion, so you’re fully prepared and ready to take action when the time comes.

Next is TEST-X5’s Male Testosterone Complex, which includes 400 mg of Fenugreek and 30 mg of DHEA. These two powerhouse testosterone-supporting ingredients free up unbound levels that help gain you a greater sense of vitality, wellness and vigor, and help you feel like your living and experiencing life at your fullest capacity.

To further augment your testosterone levels TEST-X5 in tandem helps suppress estrogen levels, which can help lead to leaner muscle and a more refined-looking physique. And to go the extra step TEST-X5 also offers additional support to enhance cognitive function and to help with mood. It truly is a complete men’s health formula designed to help you feel stronger and more youthful again.


DHEA – A premium ingredient for a powerful results!

The iSatori® TEST-X5 ULTRA men’s health formula harnesses the full power of Androstenolone (DHEA) to support healthy testosterone ranges for energy, muscle maintenance and sex drive. As we age our natural DHEA levels decline, and this decline is most dramatic after the age of 30. Supplementation is important to help maintain your body’s natural energy and overall wellness.*

What is TEST-X5 ULTRA?

TEST-X5™ ULTRA is a complete 5-in-1 men’s health formula designed to help increase testosterone while suppressing estrogen to the appropriate levels needed to optimize your health and promote a healthy body composition. Its also formulated to uniquely promote other key men’s health factors, like boosting your libido, building lean muscle mass, supporting stronger cognitive function and helping with overall mood. Use TEST-X5 ULTRA’s complete men’s health formula as a solution to help you feel stronger and more youthful.



Optimize testosterone Levels

Use iSatori’s premium-formulated TEST-X5 ULTRA to lock in the results you deserve. TEST-X5 offers a complete 5-in-1 matrix of key complexes and ingredients to help support the increase in testosterone and the reduction of estrogen. It’s also formulated to uniquely promote other key men’s health factors, like a boost in libido, increases in lean muscle mass, support for cognitive function and help with overall mood.

Find A New Level Of Libido And Drive

TEST-X5 ULTRA offers a formula with an advanced complex of key ingredients that support a strong sex drive and healthy libido, which can also help decrease the occasional feeling of fatigue. This factor is one of the desired effects people look for in a leading testosterone-based solution.

Backed By Science

Trusted by professional athletes and fitness experts worldwide. Confirmed in research studies, using Fenugreek along with the other ingredients in TEST-X5 ULTRA demonstrates strong properties to increase testosterone levels, boost libido, and offer support for a man’s health and his vitality.

Science + Work = RESULTS

iSatori sports nutrition supplements can help support you in reaching your fitness goals. When you work hard at achieving your optimal body, you need to protect your investment. By incorporating our nutritional supplements into your daily regimen and using them toward your workouts, you leverage our science and technologies and maximize your efforts with seeing results.

Customize Your Results

Use TEST-X5 ULTRA on its own or with other iSatori supplements. You can combine this with iSatori’s 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY or an ULTRA CLA + OMEGA to further enhance your daily health and physique results. It’s iSatori’s mission to create nutritional products and solutions to help build a better body and support a stronger, healthier life.

As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 serving (2 capsules) of ISATORI® TEST-X5™ ULTRA daily. On days that you train, take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon 30 minutes before your workout. For sexual performance, take 1-2 capsules of TEST-X5™ ULTRA 30 minutes before intimacy. To be used as part of a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular physical activity and a proper diet.

Reviews (56)


I had been using a similar product for the last 3 months and was not happy with the results. Once I started using iSatori TestX5 I felt an immediate difference. I felt a difference in my workouts but mainly a big change in my libido. I am definitely satisfied with this product and plan on ordering more.

Posted by todd on January 21, 2020


So far, I start feeling more uplifting; not so drained by the end of the day, looking forward to get more stamina to get back to the gym!!!

Posted by Juan on January 20, 2020


I’m 52 and want to maintain my above average testosterone. My recent lab results show that I am with the help of Text X5.

Posted by Matthew on January 19, 2020

Has great lasting effects

Has great lasting effects

Posted by Debbie on January 19, 2020


Very impressed with product because it was easy to swallow the pills, no after taste and I felt a huge difference within a couple of days after taking the supplement while working out.

Posted by Shyanna on January 19, 2020


Keeps my husband less grumpy than norm

Posted by Brenda on January 19, 2020


Works as described

Posted by Pablo on January 16, 2020

Bump in energy and feeling of well-being.

It took some adjusting, did take a week or so to notice the bump in energy and feeling of well-being, give it a try, might be for you.

Posted by Dennis on January 16, 2020

Good product

Good product so far; my energy levels seem up and slight strength increase.

Posted by Benjamin on January 15, 2020


More energy and noticing more muscle definition.

Posted by Damian on January 13, 2020


Notice a bit of increased strength as well as more energy throughout the day.

Posted by William on January 10, 2020

Worked very well, did everything it advertised.

Worked very well, did everything it advertised.

Posted by John on January 9, 2020