Our Mission

To improve the lives of health-minded consumers everywhere. We are dedicated to continually developing next-generation products that empower anyone, at any stage in life, to accomplish their goals. 

About Our Brands

MusclePharm® – Unleash Your Potential
MusclePharm's mission is to fuel the relentless pursuit of greatness among athletes by providing unparalleled nutrition and support. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge, science-backed products that optimize physical performance, enhance recovery, and elevate the overall well-being of athletes — all without banned substances. Through a commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity, we strive to be the trusted partner on every athlete's journey, ensuring they have the tools they need to conquer new heights and redefine their limits. Find MusclePharm products in select retail locations, Amazon, MusclePharm.com and FitLifeBrands.com

Dr. Tobias™ – A Better You Starts Here
Dr. Tobias is an aspirational vitamin brand, and its mission is to encourage people to become the best version of themselves. We believe with the right advice, the right supplies, and a drive to reach your goals, you can achieve great things. Each Dr. Tobias product was developed with you in mind. Whether you're looking to improve your digestive health, support heart health, boost energy, or detox, we have a product to help you get there. You can find Dr. Tobias products on Amazon, DrTobias.com and FitLifeBrands.com.

All Natural Advice® – We Care About Your Skin Care
All Natural Advice is a proud Canadian company offering only the best all natural organic skin care and natural supplements to support a healthier you. We pay attention to detail and select only the best all natural ingredients. Find All Natural Advice products on Amazon, AllNaturalAdvice.com and FitLifeBrands.com.

Maritime Naturals – Premium Skincare
Keep your skin looking more youthful, vital and energized with Maritime Naturals premium skincare. We've harnessed the best nature has to offer and transformed it into skin-loving, hydrating and protecting products that help you keep that beautiful, fresh-from-the-beach sunshine glow. Our carefully crafted organic, antioxidant-rich products help keep your skin cleansed and moisturized while stimulating collagen and restoring and rejuvenating your appearance. You can find Maritime Naturals products on Amazon, MaritimeNaturals.com and FitLifeBrands.com.

iSatori® – Build Your Best Body
Exclusive, patented products built with scientific proof, iSatori is a leading brand in sports nutrition & bodybuilding supplements featuring extraordinary gains in muscle growth and strength. You can find iSatori products in select retail locations, Amazon, iSatori.com and FitLifeBrands.com

NDS Nutrition™ – Maximize Your Potential
NDS Nutrition offers healthy and trusted weight loss and daily health product solutions that help burn more calories, promote body toning, improve weight management, and support overall balanced health. NDS Nutrition's premium products are sold exclusively through GNC stores, Amazon and FitLifeBrands.com.

PMD Sports® – Professional Muscular Development 
PMD has a long and proud history of providing elite quality and highly innovative sports nutrition solutions, and its level of quality has made it a leading pioneer within the nutrition industry since 2002. PMD offers premium product solutions that can help you reach and surpass your health, fitness and training goals. Formulated with only the purest and highest quality ingredients available, PMD’s exceptional products help to create next level and impactful results. PMD supplements are sold exclusively through GNC stores, Amazon and FitLifeBrands.com.
Nutrology® – Naturally Better
Nutrology Nutrition provides some of the honest, cleanest and purest supplements on the market. Developed for active lifestyle enthusiasts Nutrology offers premium protein powders, pre-workouts, BCAAs and other naturally-sourced products that taste great. Nutrology products are sold exclusively through GNC stores, AmazonFitLifeBrands.com and NutrologyOnline.com.
Metis Nutrition® – Proven Science | Powerful Results
Metis Nutrition strives to meet the ever evolving consumer need for beneficial, safe supplements through advanced ingredients delivered in progressive formulas. Its premium and multifunctional test boosting formula is designed to help boost testosterone levels and support joint health, and its multifaceted thermogenic helps with fat burning and boosts metabolism. These premium supplements are sold exclusively through GNC stores, Amazon and FitLifeBrands.com.
Siren Labs® – Your Cutting Edge
From elite gym and fitness enthusiasts to bodybuilders, from weekend warriors to professional competitors... Siren Labs' goal is to empower health-minded consumers to be the best version of themselves. With an emphasis on superior ingredients, precision formulation and studied innovation, Siren Labs creates cutting edge products tailored for greater achievement. Siren Labs' premium products are sold exclusively through select GNC stores, Amazon and FitLifeBrands.com.

ENERGIZE® – The All-Day Energy Pill
Developed by a doctor ENERGIZE gives you the energy you need to get you through your busy day. A two-tablet serving of ENERGIZE has more caffeine than a serving of most other energy products, but the patented time-released technology releases it slowly— shown in a clinical study to last up to eight hours. So there's no rush at the start, no jitters, and no sugar crash. You can find ENERGIZE products at select retail locations, Amazon, FitLifeBrands.com and iSatori.com.

BioGenetic Laboratories® – Effective Science-Based Formulas
At BioGenetic Laboratories we believe your health and happiness matter most. BioGenetic Laboratories engineers industry leading weight-loss products to help you achieve your weight-loss goals and ultimately help you feel lighter, healthier, and more confident. You can find BioGenetic Labs products on AmazonFitLifeBrands.com and iSatori.com.
Core Active® Nutrition – Accelerate Your Core
Core Active is a line of high quality diet, health, and sports nutrition supplements that will help accelerate and deliver the results you are looking to achieve. Our precisely tuned, daily nutritional formulas, or “Core” products, are product solutions that offer a wide variety of health benefits that anyone can use. Core Active products are sold through Amazon and FitLifeBrands.com.