IFBB Pro Men's Physique / Police Officer

Known for one of the most insane V-Tapers and smallest waists in the industry, Hallart has battled his way to IFBB Pro status since starting to train in 2003. Working full-time as a police officer in San Antonio Texas, Hallart uses his “no excuses” attitude to find time to eat, train and supplement to compete at the highest level in the Men’s Physique division. Spending some time with Hallart sheds more light on this accomplished athlete as he also has a degree in Sociology with a minor in Communications from Eastern New Mexico University. His ability to articulate his passion for the sport and not only his success, but the success of others, is inspiring and motivating at the same time.

San Antonio, TX

Hallart’s social media handle @beastmode_always_on personifies his attitude towards his training and life in general. Through his service as a police officer, Hallart focusses on the good in society, and in the gym, he focuses his efforts to constantly push and improve himself as well as others.

Hallart Keaton Posing

Sample Weekly Training Program

Day 1:
Barbell curls 4x 10
Hammer curls rope 4×8
DB curls 3x 8-10
Rope pushdowns 4×10
Lying extensions 4×10
One arm pushdowns 4×10

Ball crunches 3x 20-25
Rope crunches kneeling 4×20 (weighted)
Cardio 15-20 mins

Day 2:
Straight bar bent over rows 4x 8-10
Seated close grip rows 3x 12
T-bar rows 3x 10
Machine exercise 3×10
Machine exercise any 3x 10
ShouldersRaises 4x 10-12
Barbell front raises 3x 8-10

Day 3: Rest

Day 4:
Squats. 4×8-10
Leg Ext. 3x 8-10
One-leg press 3×12
Stiff-legged deadlifts 5x8x10
Leg curls 5x 8-10
Calves 2 exsercies
Cardio 10-15mims

Ball crunches 3x 20-25
Rope crunches kneeling 4×20 (weighted)

Day 4:
Flat bench press 3x 10, 8, 6
DB press 3×8
Cable flies 3×10-12
Peck deck 3x 10-12
Military press behind 4×8-10
Single arm raises 3x 10
💥cardio 10 mins

Day5: Rest