October 1st – November 30th

Be a part of our SHOCK THE WORLD contest starting October 1st and ending November 30th. We will award the store that sells the most Shock'D Yoked during the months of October and November combined. With this contest we will be measuring wholesale and retail sales of SHOCK’D [by Store] to ensure all is fair and rewarding participants with great PRIZES, FAME, and FORTUNE! One store will win our GRAND PRIZE and the official bragging rights of being the best! All stores are eligible to participate.


PRODUCT: Is your store stocked high to let these fly, so you can be the grand prize-winning store?  Take these next couple of weeks before the contest begins to stock up your store(s).  We will closely monitor wholesale so that It matches up to retail to ensure everyone is competing fairly.  Reach out to your sales rep to brush up on sales strategies if needed.  So, order the product in, get your display up, and let your customers know why they should shock their next workout!

PRIZES: Randomly throughout this contest we will be awarding fabulous prizes like FREE Products, Siren Labs T-Shirts, etc… to winning participants. And our Grand Prize will be awarded to the top selling store where each worker (max of 4) will receive 2 products of their choice, Siren Labs T-Shirt, and an exclusive apparel item of their choice (embroidered Polo or Quarter Zip). Do you have what it takes to be no.1?

FAME: Use this contest and focus your efforts on selling SHOCK’D YOKED pre-workout to win these great prizes, but also to earn those bragging rights of being recognized as the best!

FORTUNE: A little twist to this contest, we will also be rewarding the top selling SHOCK’D store with a one-time Wholesale Product Credit totaling $500 (on pills of your choice). Owners and managers, get your teams engaged with this contest, sell some units, and earn this credit to help maximize your store’s profitability.


Campaign Assets:


Featured Product:
– High Stimulant Pre-Workout
– Truth-in-Labeling (Know What’s in Every Serving)
– Intense Muscle Pumps
– More Efficient Blood Flow and Better Circulation
– Strong Vascularity
– Clinically Studied S7® (Boost Nitric Oxide Production)
– Powerful Energy Surges
– Approx. 350mg Caffeine per Serving
– Sharp Mental Focus
– Muscular Strength Gains
– Creatine Free (No Bloat) and Beta-Alanine Free (No Tingles)
– Shock Your Workouts


Hashtag(s): @siren_labs


Timeline for Contest:
Starting October 1st - November 30th

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