LIPO-DREX™ Total Body Fat Loss

  • Total Body Fat Loss and Maximum Calorie Burning
  • Anti-Catabolic for Muscle Preservation
  • Class Leading Nootropic Matrix for Intense Focus and Extreme Energy
  • Advanced Appetite Control
  • Features Exclusive “Nutrient Partitioning” Technology, C3GMax™
  • Convenient Once-Per-Day Dosing
  • Now a Full 30-Day Supply


22 reviews

Lose the fat. Keep the muscle.

Getting lean and tight means maximizing fat loss and optimizing lean muscle at the same time. iSatori’s latest innovation — LIPO-DREX — employs a front-line technology known as “nutrient partitioning” to help you not only get leaner, but deliver the muscle maintenance you work so hard for! The combination of C3GMAX™ Muscle Maintenance Technology, THERMO-VAR Thermo-Burn Blend™, and the ATTAK™ Mental Drive Complex makes LIPO-DREX like nothing you’ve EVER tried before. Unleash the power of LIPO-DREX and experience the world’s foremost Accelerated Fat Loss + Muscle Maintenance Agent!

Lipo-Drex Ingredients

Nutrient Partitioning

LIPO-DREX is a unique, high potency, custom engineered fat burner that employs cutting-edge technology known as “nutrient partitioning”.

Lipo-Drex Nutrient Partitioning
Nutrient partitioning not only helps drive the fat loss process, but diverts nutrients like fat and carbs from being stored as fat to being stored in the muscle. This is what contributes to the critical process of muscle maintenance. If you want to transform your body by losing fat and ensuring your muscles are in the best shape possible then LIPO-DREX is the only choice for you. LIPO-DREX is designed with the sole purpose of helping you to Lose The Fat and Keep the Muscle!™

Benefits of iSatori’s LIPO-DREX Fat Loss Formula

Increase Strength

Fat Loss

Supercharge your metabolism by using LIPO-DREX to aid in fat loss and energy production. The perfect sports supplement for a daily boost to optimize performance in and out of the gym.

Muscle Building


LIPO-DREX delivers sustained and smooth energy via the Thermo-Var Thermo-Burn Matrix, with ingredients like caffeine and Yohimbe. This in combination with the ATTAK Mental Drive Complex that includes class leading ingredients like TeaCrine and TheoDrine work together to give you an energetic, high focus feeling.

Speed Up Workout Recovery

Muscle Maintenance

CG3Max, which is exclusive to iSatori, helps divert dietary carbs and fat from being stored as fat to being shuttled to your hard working muscles. This is directly related to the concept of “Muscle Maintenance”. The more nutrients that are stored in the muscle, the greater tone and firmness you will experience-exactly what you want when you are focused on achieving a lean, muscular physique.

Benefits Both Men and Women

Healthy Body

iSatori’s mission is to create the most talked-about, well-respected, and sought-after nutritional products and solutions for building a better body and living a stronger, healthier, richer life.

Why is LIPO-DREX Unique?

LIPO-DREX is like nothing on the market today! The development of the product started with an in-depth review of the challenges people face when losing fat – whether for a competition or just to look and feel better. The one item that continued to be apparent is that throughout the fat loss process, muscular size and tone would fade. This is where iSatori’s Research and Development team jumped into action. Not only did they develop and incredible product with leading thermogenic and focus attributes, they engineered C3GMax to trigger nutrient partitioning, shuttling nutrients away from fat cells and into muscle. This technology solidifies LIPO-DREX as one of the most advanced fat-loss product that iSatori has ever produced!

Frequently Asked Questions

Reviews (22)

Posted by Lisa on April 19, 2019

Best thermogen

Best thermogen I have ever used! It does not interrupt your sleep at night either!! Take two am, work out, sleep well pm

Posted by HER on March 6, 2019


I love this product it helps control my appetite! It gets me hot and I’m a beast when lifting… helps push me to work harder!! I will update with fat loss when I finish the bottle. So far I’ve been using 1 pill in the morning before my workout and it gives me serious energy! No crash, no jitters, I’m sleeping better! It’s great, I was really bummed when iSatori stopped making lean system 7! I lost so much fat and leaned out using that product and I really think this lipo-drex works just as well if not better! I can see and feel my muscles getting hard! Very pleased with this product. I will update :) THANK YOU iSatori U ROCK!

Posted by Monica Edwards on January 10, 2019

Good stuff

I love this product. It gives me Energy and helps maintain my muscle Mass.

Posted by gtbuzz on November 20, 2018

It helps

I like this product as it does help control appetite. It is definitely thermogenic meaning you will get hot. It gives me increased energy when I first take it. I have not lost weight due to it. I consider it more of an aid to control my appetite and improve a workout. If you are looking for a major weight loss product this is probably not it. If you are looking for an aid to help you eat less and get more fit then you will like it.

Posted by alysha on September 13, 2018

Worth the buy

Great product.

Posted by po1015 on September 2, 2018


Great and fast acting. Did have to work up a tolerance to take the two pills a day.

Posted by dweller parker on August 22, 2018

Not really worth buying!!!

If you lock your diet down, and go hard at the gym it helps a little with appetite suppression !

Posted by Leigh Bartley on June 25, 2018

And it works too!

No shakes or jittery feeling. It actually suppresses the appetite and it doesn’t give you the sweats or heart palpitations! And it works too!

Posted by Beastmode on May 8, 2018

Super good product

I really love this fat burner it works great and I have seen a lot of results..I take one capsule 30 mins before my cardio session in the morning.

Posted by CJ Tenison on May 2, 2018

Bought a couple on clearance pricing - very happy

I contacted iSatori to see if this was the same as the new LIPO-DREX in the box. they said the formula was exactly the same. I bought 2 bottles and it is awesome! If you are new to fat burners, start with taking just 1. I’ve used thermogenics for years so I went right to 2 caps from the start. My body temp went right up and I got that light beading of sweat on my forhead! The temperature, focus and energy lasts all day as well – no bringing capsules with you. I only measure fat loss by the mirror, and I can telly you, I’m getting leaner and more muscular. This is my new favorite.

Posted by Shannon on January 26, 2018

This is not what you want to take

A half hour into taking the recommended dose my heart started beating out of my chest, I was freaking out. I eventually threw up. I kept my phone on me in case I needed to dial 911 for help I was that scared. I could not exercise out of fear my heart could not Handel it. I tracked my heart beat on my fit bit and it said I was exercising for 2hrs and 54 min when I was not! That’s how bad my heart was pounding. If you are caffeine sensitive, have a bad heart, or high blood pressure do yourself a favor and do not take this. I was literally scared for my well being and I do normally run everyday. I literally cried my eyes out. I was terrified.

Posted by Re on January 21, 2018

Not for me

I have taken one pill in the morning and had to deal with a bad migraine the rest of the day as I can’t take excidrine with it .
Went to the gym and could keep my heart rate in the fat burn zone and anxiously throughout my day that I was nervous to drive home from the gym. I didn’t have extra physical energy jut the heart rush and jittery, headache , and feeling cold yet my eyes are burning like the are on fire ; I wish I can break the pill in half but it is a capsule :( .

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