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About this supplement

  • Stimulant Free Pre Workout: Maximize Strength Gains and Increase Maximum Weight Lifts without stimulant. Maxon is the preferred pre-workout supplement.
  • Stimulant Free Pre Workout: Maximize Strength Gains and Increase Maximum Weight Lifts without stimulant. Maxon is the preferred pre-workout supplement.
  • Improved Formula: Now with Kre Alkalyn pH Corrected Creatine. An improved intake form of Creatine as compared to Creatine Monohydrate. Perfect for Weight Lifting.
  • Muscle Growth: Intensify your workouts with Zero Sugar and No Gluten. When you work hard at achieving your optimal body performance and endurance, you need to protect your investment.
  • Ancient Peat Extract: Increase ATP Levels for Greater Muscular Power Output. Adenosine Tri-Phosphate is the base source of energy your body uses to contract muscle.

What Is MAXON?

MAXON™ PURE STRENGTH was designed with one purpose—to maximize your strength in the gym… fast. MAXON Pure Strength sets a new standard in sports supplements using three of the most potent, clinically researched strength-building ingredients in the industry. MAXON PURE STRENGTH redefines how you can increase strength, power, and your ability to gain overall muscle mass.∆†

What does MAXON do?


With clinically researched doses of Physicor®, elevATP®, and Kre-Alkalyn®, MAXON PURE STRENGTH is the new standard in the emerging strength-building era.


The MAXON PURE STRENGTH formula is further amplified with the addition of AGMAFLOW™ (agmatine sulfate) to help ensure maximum power output and performance in your strength-building lifts.


MAXON PURE STRENGTH literally redefines how you can increase strength and positively affect lean mass, helping you reach your goals faster.∆

Frequently Asked Questions

Agmatine (AGMAFLOW):

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Fenugreek (PhysiCor):

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Sodium Bicarbonate:

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