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  • Designed to Maximize Strength Gains∆ⱡ
  • Helps Increase Maximum Weight Lifts∆ⱡ
  • Increase ATP Levels for Greater Muscular Power Output∆ⱡ
  • Increase blood flow and nutrient delivery∆ⱡ
  • Now with Kre-Alkalyn® pH Corrected Creatine
  • Sugar Free | Gluten Free | Stimulant Free

What Is MAXON?

MAXON™ PURE STRENGTH was designed with one purpose—to maximize your strength in the gym… fast. MAXON Pure Strength sets a new standard in sports supplements using three of the most potent, clinically researched strength-building ingredients in the industry. MAXON PURE STRENGTH redefines how you can increase strength, power, and your ability to gain overall muscle mass.∆†

What does MAXON do?


With clinically researched doses of Physicor®, elevATP®, and Kre-Alkalyn®, MAXON PURE STRENGTH is the new standard in the emerging strength-building era.


The MAXON PURE STRENGTH formula is further amplified with the addition of AGMAFLOW™ (agmatine sulfate) to help ensure maximum power output and performance in your strength-building lifts.


MAXON PURE STRENGTH literally redefines how you can increase strength and positively affect lean mass, helping you reach your goals faster.∆

Frequently Asked Questions

Agmatine (AGMAFLOW):

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Fenugreek (PhysiCor):

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Sodium Bicarbonate:

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Reviews (10)

iSatori products work!

As a Pre workout it is very very good….so is their Biogro!

Posted by Mr.H on May 15, 2019

Track and field

Im a track runner and i want use it to run so i can have strength while im ru

Posted by Quintaveon Poole on June 29, 2017


This stuff is the real deal. I’m lifting more and have more energy during my workouts and after. The lifts just come easier. I’m doing more sets and more reps. Highly recommend it!

Posted by Christian on April 18, 2017

100% On Point

When you depend on strength as a key part of your living, you research training, nutrition, recovery and supplements. MAXON is a real training tool in my arsenal. I stack it with my pre to really maximize my lifts. The combo of MAXON and 143 MAX is unbelievable no joke. If’ your serious about strength, MAXON should be the first supplement you use.

Posted by Brian on May 2, 2016

More power, more strength

I’ve been using Maxon for a little over two weeks and have found a dramatic increase in strength and size. I feel the pump longer and have been upping my PRs by 10% each week. I’m taking it with my Biogro and hope to soon be adding some Hyper-gro as well to the mix. Great product great pump!!!

Posted by Richard on October 21, 2015

What I have seen on this product

I will try to make it short and to the point. Taking MAXON is like a Wakeup call for your Muscles! As soon as you lift that first weight you are ready to add weight. Sounds crazy but the more reps I did the more my muscles wanted me to add weight. So I did. Never once in my workout did I feel like I was fatigue or tired. Energy was just as intense at the front of the workout as it was at the end. Felt very strong and focused. Hard to explain. I guess you could say my Muscles were awakened and ready for whatever weight I threw at them. I stacked this 30 mins before my workout with 143 and ISA-TESTDA3.

Posted by Dewey on August 13, 2015

Beta Tester- Instant Strength

Was able to try Maxon in the final stages of production before launch. Having lost most of my strength from illness and injury, rebuilding it had been a challenge. Within the first week of taking Maxon, without changing anything in my regimen, my strength in all exercises increased, doing heavier weights in all lifts. Not having any stimulants is a huge plus because i can still take it with my preworkout for maximal results. it is great that I don’t have to wait weeks to see an increase in strength. Definitely will be buying it

Posted by Tom on July 1, 2015

Great Product!! Plus it's stim free

Great product!! On the first dose I noticed my strength had increased. Nothing crazy, just noticed my normal weight was easier to move. So went up in weight the entire workout, between 5-10lbs. Which to me is BIG! Even when I moved to lighter weight for more reps, it felt a lot easier and was moving the weight with ease. And it’s stim free which I like! There are days when I don’t feel like using a stim based product and this was perfect. Even noticed some delayed muscle fatigue with the higher reps. I definitely recommend this product!

Posted by Artie on July 1, 2015


I was a beta-tester for this new product. It will be made available in a ‘rapid release’ tablet, but the beta samples were in standard capsules. I took it for a total of 21 workouts, and did not combine anything else. I noticed an acute effect, right away, from the first use! Not so much muscular endurance, like a standard PWO, but just raw power and strength on my primary lifts. In essence, I was able to use MORE weight, right away. In all, my strength lifts (3 primary) lifts increased a total of 115 lbs over the month, using this product. 25# bench, 40# squat, and 50# DL. I am VERY happy with this, and must give some credit to working on form/technique during this time, as well, which likely helped. Overall, i would HIGHLY RECO this product to anyone looking to gain strength on their primary lifts!

Posted by Stephen on July 1, 2015

Beta Tester

Got to try this in capsule form when it was being developed. Within a week or so, I could clearly see an increase in my two big lifts – deads and squat. It’s not like a pre workout that corks more on stims, this just made lifting easier. I’d definitely give Maxon 5 stars, but I don’t like taking too many pills. I’m telling people about this one!

Posted by Frank on June 29, 2015

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