SirenLabs is committed to providing high quality, performance enhancing supplements available to all those striving for an edge in health, fitness and training results.

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Making Innovation Your Training Partner

From elite fitness enthusiasts to bodybuilders, weekend warriors to professional competitors, our goal is to empower you to achieve the results you’re after, whatever they may be. With an emphasis on superior ingredients, precision formulation and studied innovation, we create cutting edge solutions tailored to furthering your athletic achievement and personal best performance. In accordance with our high standards, our products are sold through the GNC Franchise system, the long established industry leader offering the best in fitness and nutrition.

SirenLabs is sold exclusively at select GNC stores, Amazon, and

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SirenLabs Products

Neuro Lean®
Nootropic Enhancing Thermogenic


Liquid Muscle Pump Volumizer


Low Stimulant Dietary Support


Isolate Protein
Premium Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolysate


Ultra Karbs®
Precise and Controlled Carbohydrate Intake



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