Below is a list of our current and future campaigns for NDS:


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February - March 

A new year presents an opportunity for many to reassess and reset their personal health and fitness goals. Many people use this time to focus on weight loss, shed some excessive holiday weight, develop healthier eating and exercise habits, and start making changes toward a healthier lifestyle. The purpose of this campaign and its messaging as we feature content in these first few months of 2023 is to feature our brands and products (LIPO-RUSH XT & XTP, CENSOR, DUAL IMPACT STACK) as SOLUTIONS that help others achieve their daily health, fitness, and exercise goals. Messaging around 'Dual Impact' is meant to motivate… to help and inform… and to inspire others to find the right product that best helps them get started on their weight loss goals and "burn" the fat away - all while maintaining muscle.


Featured Product(s):
LIPO-RUSH XT & XTP - Thermogenic Fat Burner
CENSOR - Body Toner


Content Deliverables: Choose one from the options below

  • General Testimony (IG Reels or 3 Image Set) - Why you like using it? How it has helped you achieve your goals?
  • Energy (IG Reels or 3 Image Set) - How do they help give you energy and focus for exercising or the energy needed to get you through your work day?

  • Fat Burn & Weight Loss (IG Reels or 3 Image Set) - How they help you burn more calories throughout the day? How it can be a healthier decision to help with fat loss and boost your energy levels?

  • Feeling Good (IG Reels) - How easy these products are to implement into your daily routine? What nootropic ‘feel good’ feelings and mentally stimulating effects for better focus have you experienced?


Creative Considerations:
Capture when you take these products or maybe even where you take them...i.e., when on a walk outside around a park, in the gym before a workout, starting your day at home or before work, while at work during the day, etc...There are a lot of different settings you could potentially capture when putting your video together showing how you use the product(s).


Timeline/Publish Date:
Starting February - March




Starting Mid-March 

We are launching a new flavors of LIPORUSH XTP – Caramel Apple. Because this is an NDS HERO product, we think this is a great opportunity to engage all our communities. We are looking for you to produce content and create awareness/buzz to help with the launch of this new flavor - encouraging them to order and try it out.


Featured Product(s):
– Fat Burning
– Increases Energy Levels
– Boosts Metabolism
– Razor-Sharp Focus
– Diuretic Function


Content Deliverables: Choose one from the list below

  • Product/Flavor Reveal (IG Reels) - Capture your excitement that you cannot wait to try the new flavor.

  • Taste Test or How-To (IG Reels) - Taste test and give it your approval and recommendation.

  • Product Endorsement (IG Reels or 3 Image Set) - What do you like about the product? Why you like using it? How it has helped you achieve your goals?


Creative Considerations:
Reels videos can be short and sweet, so around 15-30s in length - loose and stress-free, so shoot in an environment or setting that you'll feel comfortable in.


Timeline/Publish Date:
Starting Mid-March





Coming Soon...April 2023 

**Look for Max Influencer Involvement

Use this store locator GNC STORE LOCATOR to search out and visit your local or nearest franchise-based GNC store location that features PMD, NDS, SIREN LABS, METIS NUTRITION, and NUTROLOGY products. We're asking you to produce a short endorsement-style video of you inside a local family owned GNC alongside your favorite brand/products. This content will allow us to increase everyone's exposure and "SHARE THE LOVE" across the community.

This campaign features three (3) main calls to action:

  1. Encourage people to shop local and support their local family owned GNC stores.
  2. They can use our GNC STORE LOCATOR online to find a local family owned GNC store near them.
  3. If there isn't a GNC near them, let them know they can get these products online using your code for a discount.


When on location at your local GNC:

  1. Confirm that our Brands (PMD, NDS, SIREN LABS, METIS NUTRITION, and NUTROLOGY) are on the shelf, otherwise you might be in a GNC corporate store.
  2. Talk to the staff/management beforehand and let them know who you are, who your with, what you will be doing there - get approval before filming. If they are not responsive, you can capture some content outside with GNC store front in the background - Or you can try for another local family owned GNC store.
  3. Make sure to credit and feature the store location. If they are on social, get their handle(s) to tag in your post/reels...SHARE THE LOVE!


Content Deliverables:
(Choose one from the list below per each Product/Brand you endorse)

  • Product/Brand Testimony (IG Reels) - What product(s) within the brand are your favorite? Why do you use them and what results have you experienced personally?

  • Product Stacks (IG Reels) - Per brand, what products do you use and stack together? Give a reason(s) why you use the products together and how you achieve a stronger result? **Only feature products within the same brand.
  • Product/Brand Endorsement (IG Reels or 3 Image Set) - Describe what you like most about the product/brand? Why you like using it? How has it helped you achieve your goals?
  • GNC Experience/Service (IG Reels) - Describe/Capture your store experience? Show how easy it is to find what you want/need?


**Important Notes: Please feature, post, and tag brands separately!!! Also, be aware of your setting, and try to avoid capturing content with competitor brands in the background.


Creative Considerations:
To help with messaging for your videos/posts could be "...this brand and these products are available exclusively right here at your local family owned GNC. To find a store near you, checkout the GNC STORE LOCATOR on or if you can't find a store near you, go ahead and use my code _________ for an online discount"


Timeline/Publish Date:
Starting April - May



Please let me know if you have any question - IG DM @ndsnutrition or ask me below.

– Mike Matulka | Social Media Manager

Thank you!