Welcome to our Social Campaigns page!

We have developed this page to communicate with you our most up to date social objectives and strategies for all our brands. Links to each of our brand campaigns are above. Simply click on the button, and you'll find a list of our current and future campaigns.


We have two (2) types of campaigns:

  1. GENERAL BRAND CAMPAIGNS: These are the campaigns we are featuring as a brand that you are more than welcome to participate in if you have the product(s) we are featuring. You can identify these campaigns as the ones with a black buttons.
  2. INFLUENCER CAMPAIGNS: For these campaigns we highly encourage maximum participation from our influencer team to help produce content and support these initiatives. These campaigns will mostly feature our “Hero” products; these are products most can use and a majority of influencer’s order them on a consistent basis. You can identify these campaigns as the ones with a highlighted button in the primary color of the brand.

We will be featuring multiple INFLUENCER CAMPAIGNS this year for these select brands:

  • ISATORI  6x Campaigns (Every other month)
  • PMD  6x Campaigns (Every other month)
  • NDS  4x Campaigns (One per quarter)
  • SIREN LABS  4x Campaigns (One per quarter)
  • NUTROLOGY  4x Campaigns (One per quarter)


Thanks again for your participation and for everything you do for our brands!!! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns - don't hesitate to reach out to me via IG DM @brand's social handle or ask me below.

– Mike Matulka | Social Media Manager


**Bookmark this page as a resource, so you will be aware of all the upcoming campaigns, topics, themes, and the types of content we're looking to feature.


Thank you!