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  • Powerful Testosterone Stack: FLEX STACK® ADVANCED 2.0 features a strong 2-in-1 testosterone and nitric oxide-boosting formula, and then couples it with a unique nighttime testosterone-reinforcing and sleep formula. This powerful combo offers a natural boost to help amplify testosterone levels, suppress estrogen, boost natural growth factors, and support recovery through restful sleep. This advanced stack is designed to constantly supply your system with non-stop 24-hours of testosterone support, which can be used to help promote lean muscle growth, increase strength gains, enhance daily health and wellness, give a boost to your vitality, and help stimulate your libido. Gear up with the FLEX STACK, it’s truly a man’s best friend for achieving next level results!*

  • 2-In-1 Testosterone and Nitric Oxide Booster: FLEX STACK® ADVANCED 2.0 features N-TEST 600® ADVANCED 2.0, a strong test booster that’s fully loaded with 600 mg of Testofen®, the clinically studied amount shown to support healthy free testosterone levels. This is especially significant because only 2% of testosterone is unbound, or bioavailable and ‘free’ to enter cells and exert its biological actions of binding to androgen receptors. This premium test booster also features 50 mg of clinically studied and researched S7® for its ability to increase the body’s own nitric oxide production at a significant rate. The real advantage of boosting your N.O. levels is it allows for better efficiencies with blood flow and circulation to the muscle tissue. This dynamic 2-in-1 combo offers a significant advantage and upgrade over other typical test boosters.*

  • Additional Test-Reinforcing and Sleep Support Formula: Every FLEX STACK® ADVANCED 2.0 also features a Z-TEST®, the perfect complement to the stack’s test booster. Z-TEST is a highly beneficial nighttime test-reinforcing support formula that suppresses estrogen and helps maintain your testosterone levels while you’re asleep. Z-TEST also supports the release of more natural growth factors, which the body produces less of with age. It uses these growth factors to help increase muscle hypertrophy, support lean body definition, and improve recovery. And Z-TEST’s formula also features a helpful blend of specific ingredients designed to promote a more relaxing, restful, and restorative sleep to help aid recovery. Its inclusion in every FLEX STACK helps offer the additional testosterone-boosting support needed for you to achieve your goals and reach the next level!*

  • Stacked Up to Support a Stronger Range of Benefits: FLEX STACK ADVANCED 2.0 offers a stronger solution that helps increase testosterone levels and boosts N.O. production, and both help produce a stronger range of benefits to get you to the next level with your training. This stack can help you build more lean muscle mass from workouts, help boost your strength gains, support stronger muscle pumps and vascularity, enhance your workout endurance, and overall give you better muscular performance. Testosterone supplementation can also help strengthen your vitality, stimulate your libido, enhance your sexual health, and improve your overall daily health and wellness. This stack’s powerful 1-2 punch in boosting testosterone makes it an ideal choice to help with your professional muscular development.*

  • Geared Up Stack with 3 Flexible Ways to Use: FLEX STACK’s true value are the 3 different ways you can use both products together to help drive results! The Anabolic Switch approach allows for a staggered, but more constant and steady supply of testosterone support over the course of 8 full weeks. It also allows the body to maintain a state of homeostasis, to help avoid adverse androgenic and estrogen-related side effects. The Anabolic Shift approach floods your system with testosterone for the first 4 weeks, and then shifts toward recovery for the second 4 weeks. And finally, the Anabolic Mayhem approach overloads your system with a relentless and constant barrage that’s designed to create an environment of anabolic mayhem that takes a hold of your system quickly, which helps to produce extreme results in an accelerated amount of time. These flexible ways to use make each FLEX STACK a powerful tool for surpassing your exercise goals!*

Suggested Usage:

Level 1: Beginner
Use N-TEST 600 ADVANCED for 2 weeks, then follow with Z-TEST for 2 weeks. Repeat this process for 8 full weeks.

Level 2: Intermediate
Use N-TEST 600 ADVANCED alone for 4 full weeks, then follow up with Z-TEST for 4 weeks.

Level 3: Hardcore
Use N-TEST 600 ADVANCED and Z-TEST together daily for 4 intense weeks.

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