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  • 31g PROTEIN FOR DAILY HEALTH, LEAN MUSCLE, AND RECOVERY. EAT-SMART MRP contains high quality proteins from whey protein isolate, hydrolysates, concentrates, casein, and egg albumen. When combined, these sources offer both a fast- and slow- releasing supply of the amino acids needed to help support your immune system’s function, muscle recovery, nourishment, and help you build your best body.
  • 8g OF NET CARBS, AND POWERED UP WITH MCT OILS FOR ENERGY. Fuel your body with a healthy source of good carbohydrates from potato and healthy fats from MCT oils, providing you with solid energy while on a low-carb diet. Use these shakes before, during and after rigorous exercise to help support athletic performance and maximize recovery.
  • 230 CALORIES PER SERVING. Each EAT-SMART MRP shake is 230 calories per serving. These delicious meal replacement protein shakes support a reduced- calorie diet when that is your goal. Pair it with healthy snacks like fruit, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt to fuel your body with all the nutrients it needs and keep you moving.
  • 5g FIBER PER SERVING, PLUS DIGESTIVE ENZYMES AND PROBIOTICS FOR GUT HEALTH. EAT-SMART MRP offers a healthy source of dietary fiber to support satiety (based upon 2 servings), helping you feel fuller longer. Each shake is also formulated with digestive enzymes and added probiotics to help support intestinal health.
  • FORTIFIED WITH 24 VITAMINS AND MINERALS, AND INCLUDES A GREENS BLEND. EAT-SMART MRP shakes are loaded with 24 vitamins and minerals – including a heavy dose of Vitamin C – built to supplement your daily intake of vitamins and antioxidants. Coupled with a Greens blend, these elements help to strengthen your immune response and boost your overall health and well-being. Use them daily to stay functioning at your very best.

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