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About this supplement

  • Boost Testosterone: Methyl Andro Hardcore offers an advanced testosterone formula that features high quality and premium ingredients to help support free testosterone, which provides a free flow of extra energy and intensity to help take your workout to the next level. This premium test booster helps elevate testosterone levels while also suppressing estrogen levels at the same time. This combination helps to unlock the full potential of your muscular development, and it can support you during those intense workouts and help enhance recovery.*
  • Build Muscle Mass: Methyl Andro Hardcore’s Andro|TEST Blend offers a synergistic approach for building serious muscle mass. The premium ingredients in this blend help to boost growth factors and activate muscle growth development.
  • Increase Workout Vigor: Includes the LaxoTest Complex, a high-powered premium blend of clinically studied key ingredients, which has been shown to support strong increases in healthy testosterone levels, strength gains, vigor, vitality, antioxidant support, and protection from physical stress. Ingredients include: 1 g of D-Aspartic Acid combined with 250 mg of Smilax officinalis Root Powder and 50 mg of Androstenolone (DHEA) per serving for next level results.
  • More Muscle Mass with Definition: Pro-Estro|SUPPRESS Blend supports the suppression of estrogen. By suppressing estrogen this helps to maximize the body’s ability to utilize testosterone, resulting in leaner cuts and greater muscle definition.
  • The Power of FenuPRO: Methyl Andro Hardcore’s Andro|TEST Blend features FenuPRO, which is 600 mg of Fenugreek Seed Extract per serving that yields a minimum of 50% Saponins, Furastanolic Saponins, and Protodioscin. Saponins have been shown to increase the levels of luteinizing hormone, which signals the body to increase testosterone levels naturally. This key testosterone-activating ingredient helps facilitate strong anabolic muscle growth and helps increase strength in the gym!

Suggested Usage:

(Training Level) Take 3 Methyl Andro™ capsules daily.
On workout days take 3 capsules 30 minutes before your workout.
On non-workout days take 1 capsule 30 minutes before each meal.
For advanced results stack with Z-TEST® for increased muscular performance.
Methyl Andro is best used in cycles of 12 weeks on, 4 weeks off.
To be used as part of a physical conditioning program.

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